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Apprenticeship Vacancies


Currently, we are not in contact with any employer's who are looking to take on Apprentice's.


If you're interested in the Apprenticeship, keep looking out for vacancies online and contacting flooring companies in your local area to see if they are looking to hire. You can also use the "Find an Apprenticeship" service on the "" website using link below to see if there are any vacancies available in your local area:

Find an Apprenticeship 


If you would like to, you can also send us your contact details, CV and cover letter and if an employer contacts us in your area, we can pass them along. 

For more information, please contact us



If you are looking at taking on a new Apprentice, we are here to help.


We can place advertisements for you on our website, Facebook page and also on the "" website. Also, we may even be able to help you with the recruitment of your Apprentice.


For more information or to start advertising, please contact us

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