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The question is: Why choose Floortrain?


Here at Floortrain, we have a high learner satisfaction rate and a team of dedicated staff who are committed to helping learners achieve their goals. In a recent survey, 99% of learners said that they would recommend Floortrain to a friend or colleague and a further 97% of employers would recommend us to another company and would also come back to us again. 

Don't just take our word for it though, have a look at the testimonials below from learners of past and present years.

"All tutor's were incredible in assisting with theory and practical sessions, well ran in the office. All assessments were completed professionally and with clear understanding. All arrangements were made in good time and relayed properly. Each session ran smoothly and professionally. Everyone at Floortrain offered something to me to help me gain the NVQ. From the office to the bays, everyone is professional and it shows in the sessions. Would definitely recommend "

Adam Wood | Stacey Flooring Ltd

"Fantastic. Taught me new ways of fitting. Always a warm welcome at Floortrain. The lads are always on  hand for everything. Fantastic bunch of lads".

Ian Osborne | Osborne and Son Ltd

"Very enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainers. Absolutely fantastic training company and I will definitely recommend Floortrain to other fitters looking to enhance their skills and/or qualifications. Many Thanks".


Nicolas Keeley  | N.Keeley

"I am incredibly grateful for the amount of effort the staff have put in to help me complete my course".
Jamie Thompson | RD Carpenter 

"Very good assessment and good professional staff with good informative information"


Jed Simmons | Hudspeth Flooring/Ravane Ltd

"Excellent quality of training and always helpful. Service was great, always willing and able to answer questions. Advice and information was spot on. Staff were great and always helpful. Excellent all around and thank you very much"


Adam Gregory | County Flooring and Supplies Ltd

"Top Floorlayer's with the proper experience for the job"

Joseph Smith | Carpet and Vinyl Showroom Ltd

"Friendly and welcoming. Would recommend 100%"

Aaron Hill | CB Flooring

"Great course, couldn't recommend enough"

Connor Reeve | Home Delivery Carpets Ltd

"Brilliant training. Everything thouroghly explained until understood. All assessments were fair which helped you improve in certain aspects well. Brilliant service, very helpful and understanding. All information, advice and guidance I have received has all helped me move forward and overcome problems by communicating or using methods taught. Very professional and helpful, really helping to understand the smallest details. Not only improved my skills but also my confidance in undertaking any jobs"

Lewis Austin | PGA Ltd

"Great service all round, very happy. Would recommend"

Christopher Brooks | New England Flooring Company Ltd

"Training was excellent and assessment and staff were very professional. Very good quality of service and always good advice given"

Timothy Barnard | PMC Flooring Ltd

"Very good tutor's, easy going and very helpful. Always supportive, concise and informative. Knowledge and guidance provide was very consistent. Faultless service overall"

Nathan Kirkpatrick | Beyond Flooring Ltd

"High standard of training and very enjoyable. Everything I needed to know I was told in good detail. All staff were helpful and approachable. Would recommend due to the high standard of training"

Dylan Forth | Cheshire Flooring Contractors

"Very professional and helpful. Already recommend to a few people as it has helped me to progress in life"

Cole Gowan | C.G Flooring

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