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Career Aspirations

Apprenticeships are an excellent and proven stepping stone for those who wish to enter into the flooring/construction industry. To enrol, you do not need any prior qualifications; just a willingness to learn and a drive to do well in your career. 

Most apprentices' will continue to work for their employers on completion of their apprenticeship, whilst some prefer to go to university or pursue another career path. Whatever you decide, Floortrain's tutors and training advisors will talk to you about your career aspirations throughout your time on the apprenticeship programme and will help by signposting you to the information you need. 

Once you have completed your apprenticeship, you will have several options including the following:

  • Promotion in your current job role or into a supervisor/manager role.

  • Enrol onto a higher level apprenticeship.

  • Enrol onto a degree or degree level apprenticeship.

  • Continue in your current job role and complete additional qualifications to aid your career development and progression.

Transferable Skills

During your time on the apprenticeship, you will learn and develop numerous skills that will help you throughout your lifelong career. From improving your industry knowledge and fitting skills, to your customer service and communication skills, the apprenticeship will provide you with a wealth of resources to ensure that you continue developing and progressing your career in whichever direction you choose to take. 


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