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Floortrain recognises that it has a statutory and moral duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and vulnerable adults receiving education and training at all offices, training centres and on-site. As a Floortrain learner you can be assured that our staff are trained to recognise and respond to safeguarding issues.

We are committed to the governments PREVENT strategy and as a learner you will see that we embed British values throughout our training programmes. All our members of staff are trained to assist, support and guide people who may be vulnerable to the messages of extremism.

You can talk to your training advisor, tutor or assessor who will have been trained in how to respond and record safeguarding matters however, we appreciate that talking to someone about a concern you have might not always be easy so we’ve created the simple form below to help.


This form will be received by Floortrain’s lead safeguarding officer.


If you wish to submit any further information then please email

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