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At Floortrain, making our website as well as our training materials accessible to everyone is important. Many individuals with disabilities can sometimes find it difficult to access and use websites as they don't always accommodate for them. In creating our website, we have actively aimed towards making sure that we designed a website with accessibility in mind, ensuring that it can be used by as many individuals as possible. Although we know that it is impossible to create a website that is perfect for everyone to use, we continually making updates and we welcome any feedback to help us improve so that we can try to do more than just maintain our duties under the Disability Discrimination Act.

How we do this

Some of the things that we have done with our website to ensure that it is easily accessible include: 

  • Only using plain English throughout the whole website - we also remain consistent with this with our teaching materials as well

  • We have made sure that our website is very easily accessible without the need/use of a mouse

  • We never use all-capitals in our writing to try to create emphasis

  • Throughout the website, we have refrained from using any tables and ensure that they are not used in any designs as we are continually developing and improving

  • We have made it easier for individuals to work out the structures of each page by extensively using heading elements (H1, H2, H3).

  • We have made sure that our website can be used on a range of browsers and technologies

Equipment/Technology Loan
At Floortrain, we are committed to giving all of our learners equal opportunities towards achieving what they set out to do. One thing that we can offer is a range of equipment such as laptops and I-Pads, which learners can loan throughout their time with us to help assist them with their work and studies. 
This is discussed with each learner individually when they enroll with us and is available to them at any time should they decide they require it part way through their course. 
For more information on what we have available or to discuss what we can offer you, please Contact Us
Helping you make your computer easier to use

To find out more about how to make your computer more accessible and easy to use, have a look at This website has a range of tips and suggestions relating to accessibility issues.

Please Contact Us if for any reason our website does not meet the needs of a specific disabled user group so that we can make changes wherever appropriate and become more inclusive.

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